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(Pictured above) the "dual rotor" model magnet motor.


If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success".  John D. Rockefeller

Dynamaticmotors is that new path.

Power Assisted Magnet Motor Technology - The New Natural Resource

DynamaticMotors is engaged in research and inventive development of ultra high efficiency permanent magnet/electric devices in the United States of America.  The near all magnet motor models in the videos are low-power assisted permanent magnet motors.  The devices all use permanent magnets interacting with one another to provide a motive force.  The unique magnetic method employed in these motors creates the ability to escape normal magnetic conservation in a highly efficient manner. 

This allows the possibility of magnetic force to be utilized and extracted  from permanent magnets, without having to pay back all of the gain that was obtained, while converting this force into additional output which is measurable work performed.

The book, called "Power Assisted Magnet Motor", Theory Of Operation, covers in detail, the how and why of how the motor works, and it's advantages; how it obtains gain.  The last chapter is nearly complete, and the book cover will be completed soon (A learning curve on this part).  This will open a new high efficiency technology to schools of science and technology and the electric motor and energy industries, and to the curious reader.  When the book is available, we will provide information on how to purchase it, with a link.  The book, when finished, will be available from Amazon.com. 

Intelligent Technology Power Generator (not in the book)
The design of this power generator is unique and new.  The new technology makes possible a reduction in magnetic drag during power generation as originally discovered in individual tests.  This new design has great merit. 

(Allow Us A Little) Speculation On The Future Of This Technology:
What Dynamaticmotors envisions looking forward to the potential of this technology, after successful development; we see the potential for: self powered cities, self powered remote military bases and devices, self powered homes and cars.  This is a clean magnetic technology.  Also there would be little or no polluting output, because there would be little or no need for fuel (input energy under self running conditions, except for start-up).  The main input energy for these devices is the force of the magnetic field, converted into work performed.  

DynamaticMotors performs the research and development of these new high efficiency devices.  DynamaticMotors does not sell or manufacture any devices at this time. All tests performed are on an experimental model device and therefore suitability for any particular purpose is not suggested.  The book soon to be published (about the permanent magnet motor), will be available in book form as well as e-book form.  The book's intended audience, should appeal to schools, scientists, electrical engineers, inventors, experimenters, and anyone else. 

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